Engaging Science Grants

To help increase the reach of science in Queensland we are supporting scientists, researchers, science communicators, journalists, teachers, organisations and community groups to develop and deliver science engagement and communication projects, events and activities.

During 2016-17, you can apply for funding of up to $10,000 if your project relates to at least one of goals in our Engaging Queenslanders in Science Strategy (PDF, 1.6MB).

To help you get started here is a list of ideas:

  • a school community event/activity/research project involving students, teachers and parents
  • a citizen science project, e.g. a scientist or researcher engages and collaborates with the local community to gather data for a scientific project (this project can also be instigated by an individual or community group)
  • an open house, e.g. invite the local community to a conducted tour of your scientific premises
  • a media or social media campaign, e.g. animation/video production and distribution via social media channels
  • an event, seminar or workshop e.g. science communication training for researchers or an activity connecting scientists with community groups to promote Queensland scientists and science programs.

You can read more about the grants and the eligibility criteria at the Advance Queensland website.

Funding recipients

Round 1 and round 2 funding recipients have been announced. Twenty-one recipients from round 1 and 28 recipients from round 2 will share more than $480,000 to build the profile of science in Queensland.

Find out from recipients about the importance of STEM and why it’s amazing.

Engaging Queenslanders in Science Strategy

We have developed the Engaging Queenslanders in Science Strategy (PDF, 1.6MB) to inspire Queenslanders to know more about and get involved in science.

We want to create a Queensland population that engages in and recognises, supports and advocates for science.

Our strategy focuses on four priority objectives:

  • STEM participation—to increase the number of students participating in school STEM subjects
  • public engagement—to increase engagement and participation of the Queensland community in science-based activities
  • scientist engagement—to increase the number of scientists directly engaging with the Queensland community, e.g. general public, media and schools
  • public awareness—to increase awareness and understanding of the great science taking place in Queensland.

On this website you can read about ways the Queensland Government is helping to showcase science, encourage increased student participation in STEM subjects, as well as how you can get involved in science activities outlined in the strategy.

Research to develop the strategy

To inform the strategy, we undertook research to understand Queenslanders’ perceptions and attitudes towards science.

We discovered that:

  • almost 75% of Queenslanders showed an interest in science
  • the majority of Queenslanders (76%) perceive science as having a positive impact on our society while almost three quarters (72%) also see science as being critical to the Queensland economy
  • most Queensland parents (79%) encourage their children to study science at school while  59% encourage or would encourage their children to study science as a career
  • only 20% of Queenslanders were able to accurately recall a Queensland scientist and/or scientist discovery
  • almost half (47%) believe that there is not enough information about science in the media or online and the same amount believe that there is not enough science-based events and activities.

The research involved a 10-minute online survey of 1200 residents aged 18 years and over, spread across Queensland.

You can read: